Grup d´Analisi Barcelona


In 1995, Juan Campos introduces the first draft of the Group Method of Analysis with the text of Kavafis (Ithaca). A doctor in body and soul as he was, he added that groupanalysis is only one of the many vessels boarded by Ulysses from the Troy of the treatment of hysteria to the Ithaca of cultural communities, the multiple and diverse homes of humanity.

A blog in memory of Juan Campos


This webpage about groupanalysis —dedicated to Juan Campos, a Spanish-Catalan groupanalyst and founder member of Grup d’Anàlisi Barcelona— is written in Spanish. The two originators of groupanalysis, S. H Foulkes and Trigant Burrow, were English speaking. The personal and professional relationship of Juan Campos and his group with the latter and their groups has been intimate and continuous. It is for this reason that quite a number of papers, texts and investigations on this webpage had originally been written in English or presented in bilingual format.

The index resulting from this collection follows the subjects of the page and the index of “Juan Campos. Life and Works” presented in six decades, of which the last two reflect the projects shared with the colleagues of Grup d’Anàlisi Barcelona.  This, on one hand, makes it possible to refer the English texts back to the context in which they are presented in the blog and, on the other hand, to give a synchronic and diachronic meaning to the English as well as the Spanish content of the blog.