Grup d´Analisi Barcelona

Integrate and create in theory and practice

Here we present the different projects carried out by GdAB or some of its members with the objective of creating group spaces of analysis and/or reflection which offer an adequate framework for integrating and conceptualizing the results of a group process and the corresponding elaboration.

The texts presented give testimony of the attempts to overcome a problem: our difficulty of integrating in practice different theories, beyond assembling them on a round table. Some of the obstacles are the identifications of the professionals with their disciplines of origin and the appropriation of the language of other disciplines without real integration.

The first question we put ourselves — Integration, how and what for?— we shared with different colleagues all over the world —in the virtual medium and in presence. From this rich experience emerged a document we linked to the question, in which you will surely find some answers and more questions; creative processes function this way. Our experience led us to think that processes of integration are necessary if we want to creatively resolve the differences between professionals.

The answers point towards the creation of continuous groupanalytic spaces that permit a long-term multidisciplinary collaboration. The hope is to contribute methods and ideas for overcoming obstacles and theoretical arguments which facilitate the decision of priority between different approaches to one and the same problem.

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In theoretical frameworks

In training

In change processes